Now you know what makes the difference


In 2019 we start a new project called SCREENTIME.

The idea: we check our phones 120 times a day. We look at our screens 3 hours a day. Our phones are getting better in watching us. Every day/week they give us information about our behavior. How many times did we check our Phone? How many hours did we look at our screens? What did we do? Now, our question is: can you combine this data with your behavior as a student?

  • Can you measure how often a Phone is checked at school?
  • Can you measure screentime during lessons?
  • Can you see what you are doing on your Phone?
  • Can you create a dashboard that helps you gain insight?
  • Can you make it actionable? Or combine it with wasted time?
  • Can you design this solution in a way that is only for students and within all privacy laws?

In the spring of 2019 a group of students will try to answer the questions above in a prototype. We already have an inventation from Educause to show this solution-to-be and we are planning to research if we can make a solution like this part of our general student app.

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