Now you know what makes the difference


This program is all about a simple idea: Learning is all about feedback.

Runners, for example, use apps like the RunKeeper. Research shows that apps like that enhance engagement and results. And people think it is fun. The essence is that the behavior of the runner is tracked and communicated back to the runner in a dashboard. The important part is that the runner himself can give context to the data and decide if he wants to do something with it.

And now, studying? What feedback do students receive while preparing for a test? Or working on a project? Can this be improved? Can you reach the same positive effect as we see with runners if you had an app for Study-behavior. For students? And what should you measure, track and communicate?

Students for students
All our projects are run by students. We have students of different parts of Fontys (smart mobile, economy, psychology, data science) and we provide them with challenges from the Quantified Student programm. The students work on these challenges. The main object is not a great product, but a great learning experience. Already over 300 students have participated in the different projects of the study behavior app.

Current projects (1) – 2020
Students of the Fontys ICT – school created an app that collects data for the student. The app has the following features:

  1. It checks whether you are at school or not;
  2. It checks your schedule and compares it to on campus time;
  3. It checks your screentime and the things you do on your Phone;
  4. It does al these things local on the device and compliant with privacy by design – principals;
  5. It combines the data above in a gamification element (a runner).

Currently we are researching if it is possible to make this prototype-app part of the Stucomm Fontys Student app, so it will become available for all Fontys student that think an app like this will be helpfull.

You can read everything about this app HERE.

Archived projects (a lot) – 2017 – 2020
In the past we did a lot of projects in which we have created a lot of prototypes that help students. These prototypes are described per theme. You can find our work on the following subjects:

  1. Time On Campus;
  2. Focus;
  3. Alcohol;
  4. Group Work;
  5. Study Time;
  6. Sleep;
  7. Noise;
  8. Procrastination;
  9. Screentime;
  10. Miscellaneous.

On this site you will find a short description on the archived projects and some Visuals. All code is open source and available. If you think that an idea is promising and you want to built onto it, please let me know. Also, if you are creating Quantified Study Apps. Please contact me at r.vandervorst@fontys.nl

In 2017 Five Delta students created a biometric quantified student app and won the ICTalent Award.

We talked about our study behavior apps on conferences in Rotterdam, Chicago, Anaheim, Orlando, Valencia, Paris, Berlin, Munster and many, many more.