Programm 1: A StudyBehavior App

Project 1. The Study Behavior App – Prototypes
QS_StudyTrackerApp_LogoThe Study Tracker App is all about a simple idea. Learning is all about feedback. Runners, for example, use apps like the RunKeeper. Research shows that apps like that enhance engagement and results. And people think it is fun. The essence is that the behavior of the runner is tracked and communicated back to the runner in a dashboard. The question is if you can reach the same positive effect if you had a dashboard for Study-behavior. For students? And what should you measure, track and communicate?

Activities so far…
We had two semesters of 80 students creating 16 prototypes for Study Tracker Apps. You can see under Products for some of the results.

Five Delta students created a dashboard with study behavior. See the video below.

Next we will have a group of students researching the relation between the use of the mobile phone of the students and study behavior. This will start in march 2018.

Secondly we are looking of implementing one of the prototypes and we will research the results. What is working? What is not? We will ask question like, is studying hard really helping? Should you sleep more or less? Be more or less on campus? Stuff like that.

Finally, if you know someone who is doing this, or want to do something yourself. Please contact me.