Now you know what makes the difference

NOMI is a 2016 ProtoType Quantified Student App. It quantifies the movement of a group of students. It answers and quantifies the all important question:

How does my group function. And how do I function in the group.

The Prototype NOMI is finding out how groups behave and what is the sentiment in a group. They do this by measuring:

  1. How is the group moving (based on WIFI data). Are they together a lot or not?
  2. How are participants in the group feeling?
  3. How does the group compare to other groups?

This way you can predict group dynamics. You can show your teacher/coach when to intervene in the way the group works. Of course some challenges around GDPR have to be worked out, but it is just a prototype.

More information
The app works easy. Most students are in more groups. You sign up for a group as do your fellow students. The  movement of the group is than calculated based on wifi – data. As a group you receive a score and outliers can be found. Also the groupmembers are prompted to tell how they are feeling. Together this calculates the Group Barometer.

What’s Next?
Nothing. This was a fun prototype.

What’s the big problem here?
The big problem here of course is privacy.