Now you know what makes the difference

Quantified Student is a non-commercial innovative program that was started by Parantion, Fontys IT Services and iFontys. Inspired by the Quantified Self movement Quantified Student aims at using data to enhance study results and pleasure.

Quantified Student aims to be a community. Everyone is welcome. That is why on this website we:

  • Tell you about our programs and projects;
  • Provide background material about Quantified Student Projects worldwide
  • We invite you to join us.

Finally we also are very commited to spreading the word, so you can find us on almost every conference and we would love to get in touch with you. in the right way and presents it in a form of actionable information. We learned that health trackers are still very inprecise. We learned about (and solved some) challenges surrounding privacy.

Next year (2018) we will scale the most promising prototype, measure the effects, start a new researchproject and continu working on our data lake. Things will be interesting, and we will blog about it on www.quantifiedstudent.nl.

Don’t like words? Watch the vid: