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2019: The assignment:

How to translate a simple questionnaire into a kind of conversation without having Artificial Intelligence or may be creating the first simple Ai interface

R. Smabers CEO Parantion

The idea is that our interfaces will change radically in the near future. We started with Siri and nowadays a lot of people already have a talking or listening device in their house, car or in their pocket.
The devices listen more and more to your questions and continue to ask more and more questions with the help of Ai.
This is where the disappearing and blurring of the boundary between man and machine is most visible. One of the most innovative learning platforms (Scorion) is designed to assess programmatically. This means that it does not record progress in numbers, but the learning activities themselves. Each learning activity is digitally recorded in data. Whether it is spoken, scored or signed feedback.
Every moment of feedback is recorded as data. The interface that is now used is usually a questionnaire, microquestionaire in an app or something similar.
The idea is to let the questions in such a questionnaire ‘feel’ like a conversation.

Also a prototype built by students of Saxion University of applied Science. The assignement was to turn a survey into a conversation.
A keyboard has been thé way for human beings to communicate with machines in a language that we can understand. The last decade we discovered that we can also talk to machines and that they understand us…sometimes. We haven been asking and researching the thoughts of human beings by sending them survey. The next level of communication is that the survey responds and asks specific questions. The questbot project….

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