Now you know what makes the difference


The general idea
Let’s say that it is harder to concentrate in a noisy environment. On the other hand, working together becomes more and more important, and that is noisy sometimes. This leads to the question:

How does noise influence study results?

Archived projects (2017 -2020)
Students created a prototype app (student dash) that measures background noise and also asks students how they feel. This information is gathered and presented in graphs. This way the student can try and find out how his wellbeing is influenced by noise. Furthermore, the creators researched the impact of noise on studying and the technological problems with measuring noise levels with a smartphone.

Read more here -> Student Dash Final

Continuing the work
Quantified is a prototype app. Do you want to continue the work that is done. E-mail me at r.vandervorst(at) and I will sent you alle materials, design and code.