Now you know what makes the difference


The general idea
Students are notorious procrastinators. Why do something today that you can do tomorrow. This often a problem, because they underestimatie the work or have a personal situation that interferes with the deadlines. That is why the question is: Can you nudge a student in starting a little bit earlier?

Archived projects (2017-2020)
The app Canvasplanner looks at assignments (in Canvas) and combines that with work done by looking at code that is entered in GitHub or Gitlab. This app is especially for software students / programmers. If a student is behind compared to its peers, the student will receive a suggestion, urging him/her to start doing some work.

This app called Canvasplanner is based on webtechnology. Every time you start the browser the application will urge you to start doing some work.

Continuing the work
Do you want to build on this idea? Please sent me an e-mail at r.vandervorst(at) and I will provide you with code, documentation and so on.