Now you know what makes the difference


The general idea
Let’s say that your braincells will die if you drink to much alcohol. Let’s say that drinking hard the night before you have an exam is not helping your grades. Or does it help you relax?  This leads to the question:

How does alcohol influence study results?

Archived Projects (2017 – 2020)

In 2018 students created Walking Patterns an app that uses the gyroscope in the smartphone to establish walking patterns. Combining this with GPS the App determines when the student is in an alcohol – infested area. If so, the App checks your walking patterns and tries to find out if you are drunk or not. This data then is correlate with study results.

Continuing the work
Walking Patterns is a prototype app. It did not work very well. Turns out the gysroscope is not really a reliable way to determine if you are drunk. However, do you want to continue the work that is done. E-mail me at r.vandervorst(at) and I will sent you alle materials, design and code.