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Now you know what makes the difference


Students of the minor Data Driven Business did research in the best way to use data to help students succeed. You can download the report here. Most interesting was the insight in how fast students lose interest. In september we saw 105 students turning up. In november this number was down to 72. ResearchReportv1.2.7


Yesterday we organized the third quantified student conference. Two hundred passionate people listening to inspiring presentations and eating burgers. See, the Dutch report below:  


The Great People from Dartmouth used an Android App on smartphones to track students during a semester (10 weeks, 48 students). They tracked everything from sleep to location, to phone usage, to conversations, partying and so on. They also anonimized the dataset. Can you find new relations? The description of the dataset: The dataset:…
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The Student Life project from Dartmouth University produced a paper on their findings. This is very interesting, and strangely also a bit boring, stuff. Read it here. studentlife  

Students and Smartphones at Darthmouth

StudentLife is the first study that uses passive and automatic sensing data from the phones of a class of 48 Dartmouth students over a 10 week term to assess their mental health (e.g., depression, loneliness, stress), academic performance (grades across all their classes, term GPA and cumulative GPA) and behavioral trends (e.g., how stress, sleep,…
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Measuring the relation between presence and weather

10-11-17 First results of students looking at the relation between presence and weather (data science students)>

Quantified Student Conference 2018

All information about the Quantified Student Conference on jan 11th 2018 here.

Dutch Education Days

10-11-17 Looking back at the Dutch Education days (dé Onderwijsdagen #owd17), november 7 and 8 2017 Rotterdam.  Rens van der Vorst en Roel Smabers  present the progress in the initiative.

Quantified Tour Manchester

8-11-17 Great quantified student performance in Manchester. The tour is on! Audience reacts on intimate questions (anal exam, anyone?)

Educause 2017 in Philladelphia

6-11-17 A succesfull presentation in Philadelphia. Made some new friends. We were especially impressed by Forecast, the Quantified Student Tool of Purdue.