Now you know what makes the difference

Fontys University
Michael Schifferling – Mobile Learning Lab
Students IT – Mobile Learning Lab
Arjan Groeneweg – Mobile Leaning Lab
Chris Geene – Smart Mobile
Coen Crombach – Smart Mobile
Hans Slaghuis – BI Specialist
Students Communication – Data Science – Data Driven Business
Martijn Lamers – Minor Data Science
Siete Sirag – Paramedical Studies (EGT)
Marc de Graaf – Lector Interaction Design
Maurice Schols – Teaching Education
Steven de Jong – Lector Sports
Gerard Schouten – Lector Big Data
Janienke Sturm – Lector

Jhan Bergstrom – EUNIS
Gill Ferrel LA EUNIS
Susan Voogd – University Amsterdam
Joost Plattel – Quantified Self Institute

(?) = Role to be discussed