Now you know what makes the difference

The Quantified Student Movement is present on a lot of conferences. We give presentations, organize discussions and of course we organize an annual conference. Here we have a list of this year:

  • Annual Conference 2018: January 11th 2018. Location: Fontys University of Applied Science, Eindhoven
  • Rotterdam. Educational Days. November 8th
  • Manchester EUNIS Learning Analytics: November 7th
  • ATOS Learning Analytics Night October 25th
  • Educause november 2017: November 2nd 2017
  • Dutch Medical Education Conference (NVMO Conference):
  • Surf Co√∂peration Days Oktober 2017
  • HP Reimagine Conference 2017
  • Munster EUNIS Conference Jun 2017
  • Sweden (UME University) Presentation Jun 2017
  • Innovation Workshop With QS at Surfnet Apr 2017
  • Workshop at ATOS Apr 2017
  • Annual Conference 2016
  • And a lot of older conferences…